Design of diverse materials for the campaign “#wegmit219a” (abolish paragraph 219a) of the initiative Bündnis für sexuelle Selbstbestimmung (Alliance for Sexual Self-Determination).

At the end of the year 2017 it became public that more and more gynaecologist have to deal with legal penalties, because they announce that they offer abortions (i.e. on their websites).
Under paragraph 219a of the German penal code, it is a crime to give information on abortion services, and those found guilty of doing so can face a two-year jail sentence or a hefty fine.
The campaign, initiated by the Alliance for Sexual Self-Determination, wants to raise awareness about the clause and how it restricts information, as well as further criminalises the choice for or against a abortion.

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  • Information Flyer; 8 pages
  • 2 x Banner; 1,50 x 3 m
  • Poster DIN A2
  • div. Sticker
  • div. Buttons

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Photography/Footage Editing:

  • Action/ Protest
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The alliance consist of counseling centers, feminist groups, diverse political organizations, labour unions, Parties as well as individuals and is committed to ensure that everyone can determine their own family planning and sexual lives without discrimination, regardless of their background, sexual and gender orientation, socio-economic circumstances and health situation.

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