Design for the 4 year-long campaign “Trashbusters” – an environmental action-week in which hundreds of environmental youth groups were “busting” trashed places and made them trash-free again. By the way, information about how to handle trash and the effect it has on the environment was given in form of Flyers, Broschures and online content. To be sufficiently prepared for this adventure a Trashbuster Tool Kit was created with hoodies, t-shirts, a water bottle, recycle bags, trash collector forms, stickers, and an app to mark trash dumps.

The campaign idea – inspired by the well-known movie/song/narrative of “Ghostbusters” – is set in a world threatened by a trashmonster, named “Trasher” – a plastic bag. Around ten thousand young people, between the age of ten and twenty-four years, are fighting against the trash monster. Their main battlegrounds are sports fields, train stations, lake areas or school backyards and they have creative ways to hunt the “Trasher” down. Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier honored the most creative actions during an award presentation in Berlin.

See also: The Trash Protocol / About Ship!! – A logbook for Water without Plastic” und Infoillustration “Plastic Cycle”

“The Waste Pyramid” / “Waste separation grafik”

In 2016 an environmental youth festival “Crash the Trash” focused on the idea of Trashbusters. More here —>

  • Illustrations/ Graphics/ Icons
  • Logo Design
  • Layout/ Text Design/
  • Winner Certificate
  • Banner Design
  • Concept

More specific:

  • An Action Booklet (40 pages) with the most important facts plus creative ideas about trash and how to avoid it
  • A Flyer with important tips concerning trash collection and separation
  • An mobile app Indicating Label to mark trash effected areas and your heroic deed when busted (cleaned up)